Advantech IE-ModeConverter SFP/SFP

IE-ModeConverter Module, SFP/SFP

Varenr: 109204
Mode converters allow network operators to incorporate multiple fiber types within a network. The IE-ModeConverter provides the ability to accomplish this by working with existing equipment and thus, eliminating replacement costs. With the flexibility to convert fiber between single-mode, multi-mode, single-strand and various wavelengths, one can easily extend network range to reach more remote locations. Additionally, since the IE-ModeConverter is an Industrial Equipment device (IE), the unit operates in environments that demand extended operating temperatures. The IE-ModeConverter uses SFP modules to provide greater fiber flexibility in the network environment. The hot-swappable nature of the SFPs and the numerous fiber modes and types available allow for easy configuration and future upgrading as network demands evolve. The SFP modules must be MSA compliant and support the same speed range. The IE-ModeConverter operates as a mode converter only and not as a rate or media converter.